At Australian Sustainable Eco Concepts  (ASEC Building), our team has a passion for the design and construction of high-end, sustainable homes that are both enjoyable and practical to live in.

ASEC Building can help you with all aspects of the residential building process including pre-purchase advice; sustainable and contemporary designs; collaboration with specialists e.g. engineers and town planners, and sustainable demolition and construction practices for both renovations and new homes. We can mesh your own ideas with our experience and best practice to create something to suit your budget and lifestyle whilst minimising your footprint on the environment.

ASEC Building operates in two locations:
Byron Shire and North Coast of NSW servicing Byron Ballina, Lismore and Tweed Shires.
Inverloch on the Bass Coast of Victoria servicing the Bass Coast, South Gippsland and Melbourne area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build per square meter?

For planning and feasibility purposes square meter rates are helpful when assessing building options. Costs per square meter vary depending on the building type, the quality of the build, selected materials and finishes and also the specific site constraints and conditions. 
The team at ASEC Building comprises specialised builders and contractors who provide high quality workmanship.  Our team has extensive experience in many types of construction gained over more than forty years.
We do not compete with project home companies as we provide a customised service tailored specifically to the client and site. We use passive and sustainable design principles to build beautiful, comfortable homes with durable, quality finishes. It's all about  the detail.
For a residential free-standing home without air conditioning ASEC Building estimates are as follows:
- Medium standard finishes: ≈ $3000 per sq mt
- High standard finishes: ≈ $5,000 - $10,000 per sq mt

How long is the building process?

Similar for cost, it really depends on the building type, the quality of the building materials and also the specific site constraints and conditions. Typically, for a free standing residential building it takes around 200-400  days to complete, depending on the variables.

What are the hidden costs in building?

Unfortunately, if one is not familiar with building the building process, there can be some unexpected costs. We do our best to ensure that hidden costs are considered at the front-end to avoid nasty surprises during the build. Some of these costs include,
1. Long Service Levy - the NSW Government requires land owners to pay a 0.35% levy on the total cost of the build inclusive of GST for any projects costing over $25,000.
2. Council fees – Depending on the local government area, development application (DA) fees, and potentially also a bond, will apply for projects being completed under DA. It's always advisable to call and request info from your local council.
3. Private / Government Certifying costs – For quality assurance the government requires a building inspector to check design documents and works to ensure they are up to scratch. Costs can range from $2,000-$4,000, depending on the complexity of the build.
4. Engineering can cost anywhere from $4000 - $15,000 per project.
5. The consumer guide suggests a 12% contingency on all projects, meaning to allow for the project to run over estimate/quote by 12% of total price.

How long is my building insured for?

In NSW, all building works are covered under a 12 month dilapidation period where the builder must rectify any defective work within this 12 month period. Post the 12 month period, the building is then covered under home warranty insurances which last for 7 years.
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