ASEC Building is renowned for carrying out sustainable, high-level residential building work with precision and integrity.


Director, Adrian Seccull, is a Green Living Master Builder. He has descended from a long line of builders, and is genuinely passionate about building inspiring spaces to live in. With over 20 years experience in the building industry, Adrian learnt the ropes working with prestigious building company APD Building in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, and with his fathers’ prominent company, Coastal Property Developments, building exclusive houses in Melbourne and in his home town of Inverloch on Victoria’s coast.


Whilst each design and build is overseen by a qualified builder with more than 20 years experience, ASEC Building is not the work of one person, but a team of dedicated and professional builders, carpenters and tradespeople.  Having operated and lived locally for a number of years, we know how to work best with our local climate and have developed good working relationships with trusted subtrades and suppliers. 
ASEC Building values equal employment opportunity in the workplace and is committed to providing an environment where clients, the team and the community are treated respectfully, free of harassment and discrimination.


For each project, we consider innovative and passive design and sustainability principles to build high quality beautiful homes that are comfortable, healthy, and minimise your environmental footprint.
Making the most of site orientation, natural lighting, passive thermal design, and water efficient principles and devices, our design process helps to minimise ongoing demand on our natural resources, saving you money and minimising your environmental footprint.
We choose recycled and repurposed materials, sustainably sourced products and local trades and suppliers wherever possible to reduce the energy required to make and transport materials to site. We continue to advocate for reduced packing in the construction industry and undertake careful onsite waste management, firstly aiming to reuse or repurpose materials prior to recycling.  This starts with our sustainable demolition process.
We work with our clients and their chosen designers to choose low-toxin, low emission materials to make for healthy indoor environments.


The ASEC Building team has an inherent knack for quality craftsmanship and integrity in every task undertaken. We carefully hand-pick our team of builders,  carpenters,  contractors and suppliers for quality, consistency and reliability. We adhere to excellence in each and every project carried out ,  abiding by the motto that “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right the first time”.
ASEC Building Luxury Finishes Byron Bay and surrounds

We are here to help,
every step of the way

ASEC Building carefully guides each client through all design aspects, with the belief that any mistakes should be made on paper in the lead up to designing your dream home, rather than during the build itself. 

The design and building process my involve a range of specialists including skilled tradespeople, surveyors, engineers, architects, designers, building biologists, town planners, landscapers and certifiers.  We take the hassle away from the client by working in collaboration with a select team of trusted local specialists to ensure that the results of the construction process mirror the clients’ vision whilst also being practical, sustainable and within the clients’ budget. 

We are also happy to work with architects and specialists of your choice. We want your home to be a place of comfort and tranquillity, and to last throughout the years to come.

Giving Back

Our team believes in a sense of ongoing community connection and in a shared responsibility to care for our planet.  In addition to sourcing local trades and materials wherever possible, ASEC Building is a member of our local Landcare organisations (Brunswick Valley Landcare in the Byron shire NSW, and Bass Coast Landcare Network in Victoria).  Landcare is an iconic grass roots movement that supports conservation and sustainable agricultural practices to ensure healthy and resilient communities and ecosystems for generations to come.  Our team volunteers regularly providing on ground assistance to Landcare projects. Several members of our team are avid fishermen. To support the health of our fisheries, we also undertake clean ups of the estuary, foreshore and mangroves in our local area on Clean Up Australia Day.
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